I hope all are awaiting eagerly for the results to publish in first week of May 2015. The immediate step after your results is choosing a good major and also a good college. The major you choose is arguably the most important decision you will make in college, especially because it can affect your career choices after graduation. Your early years are the perfect time to explore your interests and figure out what you love doing.
I want to share some best tips on how to choose a major that’s right for you. Follow these steps to get started.

1. Reflect on what interests you – The first step in choosing the right major is “Learn who you are and what you love”. Take time and think about what you are good on your past experiences, academic strengths and subjects you have loved studying already. This will find a way to translate your ability into a career.
2. Ask for help from advisers and those who know you well – While it is ultimately up to you to choose your academic path, your parents, friends and professors could also be great allies. Once you’ve done some digging yourself, be sure to seek help from your seniors, academic advisers and career counselors. They can help you create a roadmap for the remainder of your college years.

3. Check degree requirements – Once you’ve narrowed your focus to a few majors, look into the degree requirements, syllabi and relevant courses for each. Assess your thoughts and feelings while reading and use them as a guide that will direct you towards an area of study.

4. Follow your own dreams – Some students choose to apply for “medical, engineering, law or even pursue business because their parents perceive that those majors [and] careers will guarantee jobs after graduation. The challenge is that no matter how much money is out there to be made in those fields, if you can’t complete the curriculum successfully or are miserable in those classes, you won’t be employable or happy. Choose the right opportunities for your interests.

5. Use extra-curricular credits to explore other interests – Despite the pressure you may feel to choose the perfect major, you can make the most of your junior and senior years by exploring new subjects and activities. Don’t miss out on opportunities to try new things and learn as much as you can.

The most important thing is that you do what is right for you and what you love the most. Remember your life path is never a straight line. Keep an open mind, and be honest with yourself, and this will steer you down the path to success. Hope for the best always!

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