Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Both the Plus Two and Tenth Public Exam dates are nearing. I hope all are working hard to prove yourself. Some have been started preparing early. Some haven’t touched yet. It’s not too late. Below are some simple tips which helps to prepare well for the exams and to score high marks too.

· Focus. When studying for your exam, be somewhere where there are no distractions. Also, make sure you have eaten and have had plenty of sleep, otherwise you could become tired and unfocused easily.

· Get rid of any unnecessary ‘time wasting mechanisms’ while studying. This includes mobile phones, TV, computer (only if you need Internet access), tablet, or even your friends and siblings!

· Studying while containing fear inside yourself is a waste. Get rid of fear and any other possible bad feelings before studying.

· A good timetable will help you. You may organize it in such a way that a long/hard subject takes more space than a short/easy subject. Remember, however, that all subjects should be studied.

· Make notes while studying. Write a synopsis for your subject. This will help you in the last minute examination preparation by allowing you to remember the contents of your subjects.

· Make a list of all the things you need to do to study for each subject, and how long you think it will take you. Use this information to make up a study timetable. Be certain that you have given yourself all the time you think you need, plus a little extra per subject, in your study plan. Also make sure your study plan has enough space in it, so if something comes up one day, you can shuffle around your plan so that you don’t lose study time.

· Study in a silent place, so that your mind won’t be distracted from what you’re studying.

· Never fret over lost marks in previous exams and get depressed. Instead, take a deep breath whenever you think about it, be optimistic and study well for final exam. This will help you to do well in your exams.

· There is no shortcut to success. This is the first thing you should remember. For this reason, you have to make a great deal of effort.

· Never try to cheat. You are very likely to get caught, which would result in a zero. Be confident. Do not be overconfident. If you are, then your grades will slip.

· Believe in yourself. If you have the attitude to do well, then you will and you can!

All the Best! Do well!

– Suhaina

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